Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



  • 10% for 2 members of the same family paying together
  • 20% for 3 members of the same family paying together
  • 4 members of the same family paying together constitutes a huge family discount: Only pay for the first three members, starting with adults.  e.g. 2 adults and 3 children pay for 2 adults and one child.

Subsidised Fees

  • If anybody considers that their individual circumstances warrant special consideration for subsidised fees they should apply, in writing, to the Executive Committee of Poneke Dojo.  Applications may be emailed to poneke.karate.dojo@gmail.com

Annual Fees

  • Just want to pay once?  Each February we offer a WHOPPING 20% off annual training fees! E.g. Instead of paying $75/mth you get a whole year of training for a $720 lump sum payment (excludes joining fee of $50)!
  • Every other month of the year you still get a fantastic 10% discount. Your fee is calculated on a pro rata basis so you can enjoy the February special next time you pay!  E.g. If you decide to move to lump sum payments in November you pay for the three months to January discounted by 10% initially and 12 months discounted by 20% the following Feb!

Self Training Facilities

  • If you just want to use the facility but don’t want to come to sessions,  we now accept lump sum payments of $240 per annum based on February renewal.  That is, $240 every February and pro rata if you start in a month other than February, e.g. if you start in August you pay $120 initially and $240 the following February.


  • When you join Poneke Dojo you do so on the basis you will pay continuously whether you are attending classes or not.  Our calculations are based on 12 payments per annum.  If you will be away for an extended period (3 months or more) we can organise to suspend your payments during your absence.  Please contact accounts@thedojo.org.nz.

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