Our People

Poneke Kyokushin Karate Dojo Inc. is a society incorporated under the Incorporated Societies Act.  Details are publicly available on www.societies.govt.nz.

The club is managed by a committee of volunteers including the Dojo Head and three elected member representatives.  This core group have the freedom to appoint additional committee members as required to ensure the committee has the skills and experience needed to keep the club humming.

On 1 Feb 2016 five people were elected to represent the membership and Chris Holmes was appointed.

The committee is supported by a whole network of volunteers who each play an important role in the ongoing operations of the club.  The committee are always very happy to hear from any member or parent who is keen to volunteer a little time or expertise.  Many hands make light work!

The Committee

Dojo Head

Chris Gower is the founder of the club and remains in the position of Dojo Head.  Chris has also been appointed by the International Kyokushinkaikan Organisation in Tokyo as a branch chief.  He is one of two IKO branch chiefs in NZ who are trusted to maintain the international standard in this country.

Member Representatives

Angela Foster – secretary@thedojo.org.nz

Rob Struthers

Sharon McGavin

Halley Sims


Appointed Committee Members

Chris Holmes – chair@thedojo.org.nz

Other Contacts

Membership and accounts – accounts@thedojo.org.nz

Uniforms or other purchases – shop@thedojo.org.nz


Shihan Chris Gower – IKO Branch Chief

Sensei Paul Michalik

Sempai Conway Te Rito

Sempai Haines Eng

Sempai Phillip Apperley

Sempai Rob Struthers

Sempai Darcy Boardman

Sempai Thelvin Cabezas

Sempai Angela Foster


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