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What Do We Do?

We start the kids in general classes where they get familiar with dojo environment, Japanese etiquette and language that we use.  We use the same training elements as the adults but modified to suit the age range. That means the kids learn most of Kyokushin’s basic techniques (striking, blocking, kicking), they do ‘moving training’ (co-ordinating stances with basic techniques), kata (choreographed forms) and kumite (sparring). They also get plenty of fun & games and skills & drills to improve their balance, agility, co-ordination and flexibility!

Young ones who are motivated to compete or progress at a faster rate or through more senior ranks may also attend our specialist kata and fight classes.

Do we need a uniform?

It is part of the dojo culture to wear a traditional uniform. The uniform is available to purchase from reception when you join. The uniform comes with a white belt.

Do the kids do gradings?

We grade the kids mid year and at the end of the year. For their initial gradings they need to have attended at least 30 classes between gradings. They can attend up to 3 classes a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. The cost for the gradings start at $35. The cost of a new belt is additional and these can be purchased at reception.

What else do we need?

In order for the kids to participate in sparring safely, we recommend they have their own shin pads ($30) and gloves ($39). Both items can be purchased at reception. Please bring a drink bottle as well!

Can we just try?

There really is no substitute for experience so do come along and see for yourself.  We offer two weeks training absolutely free so you can check out a variety of classes.  Click the link below to register with no obligation to join.

We all look forward to meeting you soon.

Chris Gower
5th Dan, Dojo Head

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