There’s an enormous quantity of information about Kyokushin online.  A pretty dry outline is available on Wikipedia.

Certainly Kyokushin is taught with pretty good consistency internationally.  A student from Poneke Dojo should be able to walk into another Kyokushin dojo just about anywhere in the world and it will feel familiar.  The training and language used (Japanese) is generally consistent regardless where you choose to train.

Kyokushin is famously ‘the strongest karate’ and it is an extremely physical style with a lot of contact (when we fight we strike to cause damage, like boxers and kickboxers, i.e. rather than to accumulate points).  However we don’t punch to the head because we don’t wear gloves.  That changes the ‘game’.  Without fear of being punched in the nose Kyokushin fighters often spend a lot of time ‘engaged’ in a fight.

Kyokushin fighters develop excellent endurance and very strong bodies.  Fighters need to develop great timing and power to be successful.  We are allowed to kick to the head so flexibility becomes fundamental.  Initially this might all sound extraordinarily far away from your comfort zone but don’t worry about that!

Kyokushin at Poneke Dojo

Even within Kyokushin no two dojo are exactly the same.   The dojo head, the instructors and the students have a huge influence on a student’s experience.

At Poneke Dojo we are very lucky the head of our dojo is also a branch chief, i.e. trusted by our international body to protect the integrity of Kyokushin in this part of the world.  We are also lucky to have a club full of interesting and diverse people, all of whom contribute to a fantastic learning culture.

At Poneke Dojo we are very passionate about the idea Kyokushin can add value to just about anyone, regardless of age, gender or physicality.  Students from other clubs sometimes observe the experience at Poneke Dojo is very friendly and relaxed.   We laugh a lot and respect that Kyokushin provides a very different journey for different people.  If we think about the different groups within the club like legs on a table then the traditionalists, the competitive fighters, the children and the recreationists all play an important role keeping the club vibrant and successful.

You certainly don’t need to be a gifted athlete to practice Kyokushin at Poneke Dojo.  We think training with us will turn you into a pretty good athlete and an even better human being.  We are committed to engaging people, young and old, who might not have enjoyed or succeeded in other sports.  And if you are a gifted athlete?  Kyokushin has ways to extend and humble you.  There is no easy or straight road within Kyokushin but you will be well supported at Poneke Dojo to enjoy an extraordinary ride.

Give it a go!

There really is no substitute for experience so do come along and see for yourself.  We offer two weeks training absolutely free so you can check out a variety of classes.  Click the link below to register with no obligation to join.

We all look forward to meeting you soon.

Chris Gower
5th Dan, Dojo Head

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