My name is Chris Gower and I’m proud to be one of two people authorised to operate a branch of the International Karate Organisation Kyokushinkaikan (IKO) in New Zealand.

Being an IKO Branch Chief is a commitment to one of the world’s most forward-thinking karate organisations and an obligation to uphold an exacting international standard. In my forty plus years training in Kyokushin karate I have traveled to Japan regularly to learn and compete. I remain committed to a path of continual learning and still travel regularly for my own training, to officiate and to introduce new generations to international competition.

I am very pleased to invite you to join the IKO by becoming a member of the Poneke Dojo (Club) in Mt Cook, Wellington. My wife Jill and I opened the club (as Mt Vic Dojo) in 1999.   Since then Poneke Dojo has become one of New Zealand’s most successful clubs with many generations of black belts and a consistently strong team of national and international competitors. Training and grading at Poneke Dojo means you will be welcomed at similar dojo in just about any country and your grades will be recognised.

Our wonderful full-time facility in Mt Cook offers some of the most experienced and capable instructors in the country.  We value equally our connection to Japan and traditional karate, the absolute latest in sport science / coaching, and Wellington’s uber-cool, inclusive culture.  A friendly, relaxed atmosphere permeates the whole club.

There is no substitute for experience so we welcome you to come along and see for yourself.  We offer two weeks training absolutely free so you can check out a variety of classes.  Click the link below to register with no obligation to join.

Get in touch at Poneke.karate.dojo@gmail.com or Register for Two Weeks Free Training

“I’ve been to my fair share of Dojos and I can honestly say that [Poneke Dojo] is the best I have come by to date. Not only does it have amazing well stocked and maintained facilities, but the atmosphere is welcoming, fun, and has become a second family to me.”

Dr Anna Washer

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