40% OFF

Have you ever been intimidated, bullied or attacked?

Through Kyokushin Karate you can gain confidence, fitness, awareness and strength.

Join us before the year is out and we’ll give you 40% off the first six months. Not sure? The first two weeks are free, so put on some comfortable clothing and try one of our general classes first. Check our timetable to find which class suits you. Our classes are run by world class instructors in a fun and safe environment for all skill levels.

Terms and conditions:

  • The first two weeks are trial lessons. Participants who would like to continue, will recieve 40% off their monthly fees until the end of June 2022.
  • Junior classes, usually $55 per month become $33. Senior classes, usually $75 become $45.
  • Participants must use protective equipment such as gloves, knee and shin pads. These are available for sale at the club or you’re welcome to provide your own.

To confirm your place please send your details to info@thedojo.org.nz or fill out the form below

Please include your:

1. Name

2. Gender

3. Age

4. The date which you would like to start

5. Any health conditions we should be aware of (cardiovascular issues, asthma, hemophilia, etc.)

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