Evans Bay Intermediate School

Sempai Vijay Ranchhod is one of Poneke Dojo’s longest serving and competent instructors.  Vijay started Kyokushin karate as a junior and was one of the first young people in Wellington to attain a junior blackbelt in Kyokushin.  He has represented NZ as a fighter and, being a very high quality karate technician, he now holds his second degree blackbelt.

Vijay is currently offering a class to young people over 10yrs on Wednesdays at 3:30-5pm.  The cost is $100 per term plus a $50 international registration fee which is payable before your first grading.

Register for two weeks free at EBIS Dojo

Evans Bay Intermediate School Hall
14 Kemp Street, Kilbirnie 6022
Mobile: 022 6961 171
Email: vranchhod@gmail.com