The colts at Poneke Dojo have their own weekly session and are also welcome to integrate into the adult classes (some of them are bigger than us!)

At Poneke Dojo we understand it can be really difficult to maintain a sport during the NCEA years so while we encourage our colts to get to the club for a mental break and a good workout there is also no pressure on them when that’s not possible.  It’s not uncommon for the class to take a dip during exam time but we’re happy to celebrate with them when exams are over!

The colts class is traditional but not as much as an adult class.  The instructor will focus on building our colt’s strength and physicality.  It’s a class where the kids will be challenged to extend themselves physically and learn a few skills without a whole lot of pressure to cram syllabus material into already full heads.

There really is no substitute for experience so do come along and see for yourself.  We offer two weeks training absolutely free so you can check out a variety of classes.  Click the link below to register with no obligation to join.

We all look forward to meeting you soon.

Chris Gower
5th Dan, Dojo Head

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