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Most adults begin in the general class.  This class is suitable for absolute beginners and remains a favourite for our most advanced students.  The class has a very traditional structure and our Dojo Head has made it a priority that everyone will get a good workout and have the opportunity to extend themselves technically.

For a couple of years at least you will probably learn something new every session!  Once you’ve been training for a while the material becomes familiar but there is always an opportunity to reflect on and improve your physicality and technique.

At Poneke Dojo adults can follow their interests by joining specialised classes for fitness, fighting or kata.  A few of our students come to Poneke Dojo for the fight training.  Our fight team are at the top of the game in NZ and offer a great environment for beginners through to NZ representative fighters.  While we encourage everybody to have a go at traditional training (which is fundamentally designed to condition their bodies and brains for Kyokushin style fighting) that is not a condition of membership.

Of course, if a student aspires to ever have a Kyokushin black belt they will need to get out of their comfort zone.  For some, that means challenging traditional training and for others, that means challenging Kumite (fighting).

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